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Oxygen is a key ingredient for life. It is the most abundant element on Earth, where we derive our energy from, and the basis for achieving beautiful, healthy looking skin — both inside and out. It is vital to the survival and functionality of all cells in our body and is also a key contributor to the health and vitality of the skin, increasing cell metabolism, stimulating cell regeneration, and promoting a glowing and refreshed appearance. As we age, however, the amount of oxygen in our subcutaneous tissues diminishes. In addition, factors such as diet, lifestyle and pollution can negatively impact the body’s ability to retain and maintain ample oxygen levels.

Regardless of the reason, replenishing oxygen lost over time is a crucial and effective means to reversing the signs of aging. Oxygen Botanicals offers the first complete line of high-tech, oxygen infused products, specifically formulated to suppress the aging process. Our innovative liposome structured CMI Oxygen Complex™ contains non-chemically derived pure oxygen that’s paired with robust botanical extracts to effectively support the skin’s ability in retaining and / or regenerating its natural beauty.

There are two forms of oxygen, however.

  1. Radical oxygen, also known as reactive oxygen, which can be very destructive to the cells and their membranes.
  2. Molecular oxygen, which is what our body requires to perform all of our metabolic and life-sustaining functions.

Oxygen Botanicals’ products and treatment protocols utilize molecular oxygen that is derived naturally from the air instead of through chemical, biological, or bio-chemical means. Oxygen, as a delivery method, is coupled with botanical extracts and complexes that have been scientifically proven to contribute to skin feeling healthy and looking beautiful.

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