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Gel Toner

This botanical toner will soothe the skin, leaving it freshened and invigorated while levelling out its natural pH level.

This toner is designed specifically for oily, acne-prone and blemish skin. It is a humectant, since it absorbs water from the air, and gives a pleasant, non-greasy feel.

Combination of CMI Oxygen Complex™ with niacinamide, vitamin C and zinc creates a unique blend to address oily skin problems by helping the skin to regulate its sebum excretion.

It has great hydration potential with the ability to bind and retain many times its weight in water. This water-binding and retention ability makes this gel toner an excellent moisturizer and skin-protecting agent. This product will not cause allergic reactions when used on the skin, and improves the overall skin appearance, softness and suppleness.