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Hydrating Mask

This soothing, refreshing mask rehydrates and relieves skin suffering from excessive stress, dryness or overexposure to external and environmental aggressions. It is formulated to leave the skin feeling soft and healthy looking.

With excellent penetration properties, this hydrating mask leaves a pleasant look and feel to the skin. It leaves no visible traces of grease on the skin and is an effective humectant, since it retains the water on the skin and within the epidermis.

This product contains natural moisturizing factors found within the Corneum layer. Natural moisturizing factors consist of 40% free Amino Acids, 12% PCA, 12% Lactose, 7% Urea, and approximately 30% of a large variety of other beneficial materials. Its antibacterial and antioxidant properties assist in making this an effective skin-protecting agent. and also helps in the regeneration of dermal tissue.

This hydrating mask contains ingredients that act upon the uppermost layer of the skin, affecting the intercellular spaces of the Corneum by forming a protective barrier to reduce moisture loss from the skin.

Combination of various actives, such as CMI Oxygen ComplexTM selected botanical extracts, ceramide, allantoin and minerals makes this mask a unique formula which shapes, tonifies, lightens and purifies the face.