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  Combination to Oily

Hydrating Mask

This effective mask is formulated for combination-to-oily skin types, and helps to balance and tone the skin for a more revitalized appearance.

This product has good coverage and absorption abilities for both water and oil, making it an appropriate absorber of the sebum and sweat secreted by the skin. It adheres well to the skin’s surface, yet is easily removed with normal cleansing procedures.

Combination of CMI Oxygen ComplexTM , plus specific minerals for oily skin and allantoin, makes this mask a unique product to refresh, purify, tonify and regenerate oily skin.

It is an emollient, humectant, regenerating, water binding, skin regulating and pH balancing formulation. It penetrates the surface epidermal layers, thereby improving overall skin appearance, softness and suppleness.

This mask helps to promote wound healing and has soothing abilities due to its allantoin content.